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Street Dance 3d Vs Step Up 3D

Yes it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — it’s the third film in the epic Step Up saga, and this time, it’s going to be in 3D!  Which makes it better!  Doesn’t it?  Yes it does!

So what’s going down and who’s stepping up?  Well, Sharni Vinson from Home and Away will be strutting her stuff, accompanied by a group of other cool young things who are all probably fantastic at dancing and looking serious and sweating and kissing and running and being outside when it’s raining and getting in a stress with their parents.  But whatever it is they’re good at, they’ve got themselves involved in another dancing competition and according to our exclusive sources, it’s going to change their lives forever.

If you’ve seen either of the previous Step Up movies you’ll know exactly what to expect — lots of over-serious staring and pacing, a bit of crying, at least one scene in the ghetto, some Timbaland, and some fantastically complex and impressive dance sequences.

This time it’s in 3D though, so the dance scenes will probably be even better — and in all honesty, will be the only reason to watch this film.  Especially when the tagline is :


(Or at least it should be)

Aside from the confusingly cryptic title, it looks like it could give Step Up 3-D a run for its money.  StreetDance 3D is the first film made in the UK to utilise the new 3D technology that’s currently saturating the market, and is also the first to really attempt to challenge the ‘dance-flick’ genre that Hollywood has perfected.

So will it step up to Step Up?  Well, it’s got sturdy support in the form of dance-troupes Diversity and Flawless, and teenage breakdancer George Sampson (all who you’ll recognise from Simon Cowell’s got Money).  It also features Nichola Burley — the best thing about 2008′s Donkey Punch, which was just a little bit different to this film.

So which one, if any, is going to be the best?  Below are the trailers, so you can decide for yourselves.

P.s We’re not gonna tell you which is which because they’re pretty hard to tell apart.  Until the bit where the titles come up in massive letters on the screen of

There is another movies on Dance Flick Movies Epic like Step Up (2006), Step Up 2 (2008) The Street And Dance Flick

Which One will be the best, you decide it by your self!!!


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